Specialized and ultra-specialized



In fact, what life gives Tsll shining emerald lies until they sparkle Javydsh safeguarding and protecting our sacred profession. Fie! Grant mercy to faith and morals and love what we can to heal the suffering and healing the sick and give utmost patience and empathy, solidarity and unity in your community and you want to make crystallization.
Welcoming the arrival of your dear colleagues and clients to specialty and subspecialty hospital Zrbajyan are most welcome. Looking ahead to set before you a different hospital units, it is designed processes and rules and regulations. It is hoped that with God's help we can be successful in providing the services.


Specialized and ultra-specialized hospital Azerbaijan in 1372 to provide specialized treatment needs and the most developed in cooperation with experienced medical staff, his career began...  Is . The hospital covers an area of ​​8333 square meters with eleven sections (which include general surgery icu with 46 beds with 11 beds - built with 38 beds - ccu with 9 beds - post ccu with 4 beds - gynecological surgery with 48 beds Off - children with 5 beds - delivery with 7 beds - operating room with 8 beds - 13 beds for emergency - dialysis with 3 beds) is active. Clinical aspects also have clinical lab - Radiology - Pathology - Ultrasound - CT - Endoscopy - Bronchoscopy - spirometry - Laser - Crusher - NCU - ​​EMCS - Ees - TCD- echo - testing exercise.

Geographical location and cultural characteristics of the indigenous people of the region

Iran's West Azarbaijan Province is one of 32 provinces in the North West is the Kshvrvaq. West Azarbaijan province is mountainous climate. The province has an area of ​​about 43660 square kilometers, including the Lake and the population is 2,080,576 people. Location Azerbaijan has always been a collection of tribes with different cultures. Culture of the people of this region in relation to a multiplicity of factors and geographical - historical - religious and influenced by multiple social and historical trends has been formed. Each of the nations of this region have their own particular culture. Despite raids against the people of Azerbaijan have retained their indigenous traditions. Many of the ancient customs of the course material - Achaemenid - Parthian - Sassanid and remained among the people for many.

Languages and dialects in the province

In Azerbaijan Turkish and Azeri and Kurdish, and minorities make up the main languages ​​Assyrian and Armenian and Jewish languages ​​are spoken. Across the West Azarbaijan province can be nomadic tribes and to see that in addition to the important role of economic and social life preserver customs special effects, costumes, food, poetry and literature of their own and therefore attraction unique to this area are considered social. Sfrdhnd bother. Aylhay in West Azarbaijan province are: shekak and Beygzadeh - il Milan - Il Nagorno Papaq cash - Il Mangur with 6 clans.


Azerbaijan's Code of Ethics hospital staff

Employees of the hospital, but proud committed to honest service to the people of knowledge and faith that is pleasing to the Creator is dependent on the satisfaction of creation.
Honesty, sincerity and friendliness of dealing responsibly with clients and being responsive to the performance of the duty of all of us.
We endeavor to provide high quality, accurate and timely treatment of patients and trying to satisfy them is our goal.
Punctuality, discipline issues, having earnest and caring service and strive to understand and meet client expectations but staff duties.
Maintaining order and appearance, courtesy and respect for other patients is our duty.
Our success depends on teamwork and continuous improvement and development of quality, all-round, is our goal.

 Mission in Azerbaijan Hospital
Satisfaction, respect and accountability confided patients
Physical and human capital management
Measure and improve the quality of care provided health care
Increasing the efficiency of health care logistics system

The Hospital vision  :

maximum standards to the Ministry of Health to provide medical facilities available to all clients.

Patient Safety

Bymarmjmvh safety standards of requirements that are based on the implementation of safety programs are vital in the hospital. The ultimate goal is safety program, improve the level of patient safety in hospitals and create the conditions that lead to safer and subsequent protective services