Specialized and ultra-specialized


Emergency room :
24-hour emergency patients are willing to accept, with the unit, operating room, room under the supervision of men and women, outpatient room, examination room, casting room, Room poisoning, CPR facility is the most advanced equipment.
11 separate and fully equipped unit is designed for 11 patients each unit is equipped with the most advanced equipment and monitoring (blood - oxygen - pulse - respiratory rate) is. One of the units is designed to isolate infectious patients. Box this section regularly in hospital training through conferences or business meetings are public. There is also ABU device is very helpful in the decision-making In order to treat patients.

CCU and post CCU:
Permanent care of heart patients in CCU and a bed for Special Operations Section 8 boards and 4 board post CCU advanced monitors and a trained person qualified to do so. In the vicinity of this section powered devices and advanced echocardiography, color Doppler and ETT is ready to offer services to other patients. As well as Holter monitoring devices for patients in this section are available. Vntylvtvr device for patients is also available in this section.


Female surgical ward:
48 flat before and after surgery patients can use medical facilities. In this part of the plan of room for mothers and infants (Rooming) carried out by special personnel are given the necessary training.


General Surgery department:
Which contains 40 beds and General Outpatient surgery is for all. And as surgical specialists in various disciplines and experienced staff are ready to provide services. The neurosurgery team is highly qualified to provide services for patients.


Inner Part

Contains 38 beds for internal collaboration and neurology and infectious various disciplines including endoscopy department is ready to provide every day. Spirometry is also helpful in the treatment of pulmonary there.Holidays to emergency patients as well as video endoscopy and bronchoscopy unit is also in the vicinity of this section is to provide services.


Dialysis unit
Azerbaijan is one of the active sections of the hemodialysis treatment hospital that day and night and on weekends to provide services to patients is dear.
Notably, acute and chronic hemodialysis patients admitted from the emergency Bzvrt the answer antigen results Mnqy done.
Medical therapeutic equipment fully in this section to provide health care and hemodialysis, which are three-bed dialysis unit with three (two ak96- a ak95), dc shock, central oxygen and suction central and monitor, pulse Aki yards and terrace is an emergency ...
Head of hemodialysis: doctor Ghaffari front nephrologists
Technical Director of the hemodialysis: general practitioner doctor Ferdowsi
Responsible for hemodialysis: Ms. Moradi Bachelor of Nursing

Section babies and children -NICU:
7 bed with incubation units - double phototherapy and other necessary equipment to care for premature infants and is critically ill at birth. There ventilator in the ICU for five years following the invention is helpful for treatment.


Maternity ward:
Delivery and ultrasonic examination rooms separated by a midwife experienced cadre of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in operation.


All the tests, biochemistry, parasitology, hormonal, immunology, hematology, pathology, immunohistochemistry, frozen section and other routine and specialized diagnostic tests done and ready to work 24 hours a fast response and acceptance. Blood bank sector also performs the necessary steps in getting the blood to patients.


The crusher:
This section equipped with the latest crusher designed to break kidney stones and urinary tract and kidneys medical specialists (urology) specialty used in transplant kidneys and experienced staff is also responsible operator.


Laser Center:
The center is open for morning and afternoon shifts and Hair RemovaleRemovale Abrasion Microderm devices that entire process is done by a doctor.


An introduction to imaging and professional services sector
Azerbaijan's Hospital:
  Since the hospital has been active and engaged in the provision of services to the people of their diagnosis and treatment. Activity time for the morning and evening and night shifts and holidays to be on call.
Doctors sections: 1-The doctor radiologist Sinai ..........................
                              2-The doctor radiologist diamond .....................
Technologist: 1. x-ray technologist Mr. Hamid Imanlu .....................
                                2. Mr. Siamak Yousefi radiology technician ..............
                                3. Ms. Hamida Babazadeh radiology technician ................
                                 4. Ms. Neda B. ................... x-ray technologist
Referred to include patients in hospital and ambulatory.
Equipments ...
Radiology equipment:
- Proven digital radiology DDR
- Fixed radiology Varian
- Radiology portable device
- Portable ultrasound sonography Lvka
-Dstgah Multi-slice CT GE
Introduction to radiology services:
Services that will be provided to these patients included simple radiographs and radiographs of both proprietary digestive system - urinary, reproductive - Fystvlvgrafy and ... that need to be injected or fed-ray contrast agents
Radiographs specific services include:
1. Radiological study of the digestive system that includes
A) Barium Swallow B.S or barium swallow (special x-ray of the esophagus)
B) UGI or esophagus, stomach, duodenum (special x-ray of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum)
C) transit (special x-ray of the small intestine)
D) barium enema and B.E (special x-ray of the colon)
2. radiological study of the urinary system, including
A) IVP radiography ureters and bladder, kidney disease .What
B) VCUG specialized radiography urethra and bladder
C) retrograde urthrography
D) Anti-C urthrography
It should be noted specialty and subspecialty Hospital invertebrates system equipped with a digital darkroom and DDR is removed. DR system has many advantages of working with the dark hand that some of them are mentioned
- It can be done in the open and on the Prvsysyng film.
- Film Archive is done digitally and software
- The probability of a black and videos can be minimized
- Reduce patient exposure is performed by software processing system is very important and is included
.shnayy With ultrasound services:
In the area of ​​ultrasound is necessary to note that in addition to sonography all internal organs - superficial and deep soft tissue Soft tissue - gonads (Ovary-Testis) -Tyrvyyd and parathyroid glands, be able to do color Doppler (color dopler) all organs .
Understanding CT scan services:
Multi-slice CT scan or spiral CT hospital is equipped with the device capable of performing CT scans Haymghz, lungs, abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast injection and HRCT in sections 2 mm for closer examination Vessey Vessey CT angiography T scan three-dimensional (3 D) from all parts of the device that spiral due to patients receiving the lowest dose Jzby